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About us

I am a health enthusiast, NFTP certified personal trainer and competitive bodybuilder with 10 years of hands-on experience of helping people get the most out of their exercise pursuits. I offer my clients holistic fitness expertise by providing mind and body programs blended with energized workout sessions.

I am involved in all facets of fitness and have spent many years subscribing to a regimented program of nutrition, resistance training, cardio, and body building. I live what I preach!

My mission as a personal trainer is to develop health and fitness programs that cater specifically to the individual needs of each of my clients; improving both their sense of self and their bodies by incorporating healthy lifestyle habits. I take pride in my work and my clients’ results are as gratifying to me as to them. With my experience, enthusiasm, and dedication, I aim to motivate, educate and empower my clients to reach their health and fitness goals and implement lasting healthy lifestyle habits.


Height: 5"7

Weight off-season: 220 lb

Weight contest:      198 lb

Age: 31

Started to lift weights: 12 years old

Competition History

2012 NPC southern states, light heavy weigh - 2nd place

2009 NPC nationals, middle weight - 15th place

2008 NPC nationals,  welter weight - 15th place

2008 NPc southern states, welter weight - 1st place

2008 NPC Miami body building classic - 2nd place

2007 NPC South Miami body building championship, middle weight - 1st place









2007 NPC Anna level, middle weight - 2nd place